Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happily Ever AfterWords

I recently stumbled upon this oh-so adorable wedding gift, the Happily Ever AfterWords keepsake box.

{Photos courtesy of Happily Ever AfterWords}

The cards can be passed out at a wedding, a bridal shower or any other appropriate wedding gathering. Family & friends write a special note on each card that will later be opened on the designated anniversary.  I love the idea, especially because each card is a surprise.  What a great way to celebrate each anniversary and be brought back to that special day when wedding bells rang!

Monday, May 24, 2010

So This Is Love....

John and I recently had our engagement photos taken with our wedding photographers from Toole Art Photography.  Our photographers (Crystal and Mike) were kind enough to travel from Holland, MI down to Chicago and join us in Millenium Park for some fun. 

The engagement shoot was not part of our original plan but I'm so thankful we changed our minds as it was well worth it!  I'm so happy with the pictures and most importantly, it was great being able to get to know our photographers prior to the wedding.  Also, it was wonderful practice for John and I as we don't have much practice in model shots and perfect posing.....hahahaha.

Here are a few pictures that Crystal was kind enough to pass along for use on my blog.  There are many more and will be posted very soon!  Enjoy!

{Photos Courtesy of Toole Art Photography}

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just Breathe....

Yes, I am still alive and my blog has not been shut down!  I have recently succombed to the stress of planning a wedding and unfortunately abandoned one of my favorite pastimes - all things weddings and sharing my wedding planning story through this blog.

No matter how hard one may try, a bride will most certainly reach her limit of stress at some point throughout the planning process....it is only human.  However, hitting this breaking point has made me realize how important it is to not lose sight of your favorite hobbies and be sure to enjoy life.  While the wedding will be one of the most important days in my life, it is ONE day and I want to be sure and enjoy this entire experience with my fiance, family and friends rather than lose sleep over seating charts and table linens.

So on a lighter note, John and I recently had our engagement photos taken here in Chicago at Millenium Park.  We both had a ton of fun with the shoot and were really happy to be able to meet and work with our photographers at Toole Art Photography prior to the wedding.  Pictures will be posted very soon!

69 days and counting......I can't wait!  

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etsy Treasures: Sparklethots

I will admit that I have bit of an obsession with Etsy.  This online store houses unbelievable treasures from across the world that you simply cannot find in your everyday department store.  So join me in falling in love with one of my recent favorite Etsy sellers, Sparkle Thots.

Each piece of jewelry is both classic and beautiful, definitely something you could wear on your wedding day and beyond.  Be sure to also check out their web site where additional treasures can be found!
{Photos Courtesy of Sparkle Thots}

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lace Appliques

Oh I just love this DIY project and am confident anyone can pull this one off.  These lace appliques have endless possibilities, whether they are for yourself or a special loved one.

Apply your favorite lace pattern to a solid tank or t-shirt, stack a few appliques on top of one another and attach to a bobby pin for an adorable hairclip for a special little loved one, or my favorite - attach to a simple chain for a beautiful statement necklace.

Check out the simple instructions over at Ruffles & Stuff and create your beautiful piece today!

{Photos courtesy of Ruffles & Stuff}

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Garters

Something about bridal garters has always turned me off.  Perhaps its because so many of them are incredibly gaudy and I can't help but think of those that are worn around a young single man's sweaty head after catching it from the groom's toss.

Until recently, I've been searching for one with vintage charm and class.  Something simple with a pop of sparkle or perhaps one that would incorporate "something blue".

I then found out that my mom would like to make mine from her wedding dress!  I'm thrilled beyond words and so excited to wear this special accessory on my big day.  Because of it's meaning, my mom has offered to make one to wear throughout the day of the wedding and to have one strictly for the groom's garter toss.  This way I can hold on to it for years to come.

Until I received this special news, I was searching high and low for the perfect garter and stumbled upon a beautiful shop on Etsy called Florrie Mitton Couture.  This UK based designer has created exquisite garters that are timeless in their appeal.  Here are some of my favorites - I highly suggest you check their shop out!

[Photos Courtesy of Florrie Mitton Couture]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jar Frames

I recently stumbled upon these antique mason jars turned into photo frames and I can't get over how charming they are!   I've always adored the rustic look of a blue mason jar full of fresh wild flowers or used as a candleholder...but this tops them all.   Who knew a simple mason jar could be so versatile!

I'm especially excited about this idea as I've been pondering for months over the perfect way to display old family photos that are near and dear to John and I at our wedding and by george, I think I found it! 

A grouping of 5-7 jars of various sizes filled with old family photos would be a great addition to our guest book table near the entrance of the reception.  Also note that these jars can be dyed if you can't find them in that lovely vintage blue color, which tends to make them more rare and therefore more expensive.  Check out Bridal Buzz's DIY instructions to see just how easy this transformation can be!

{Courtesy of Style Me Pretty}
{Courtesy of Ruffled}