Friday, February 26, 2010

Jar Frames

I recently stumbled upon these antique mason jars turned into photo frames and I can't get over how charming they are!   I've always adored the rustic look of a blue mason jar full of fresh wild flowers or used as a candleholder...but this tops them all.   Who knew a simple mason jar could be so versatile!

I'm especially excited about this idea as I've been pondering for months over the perfect way to display old family photos that are near and dear to John and I at our wedding and by george, I think I found it! 

A grouping of 5-7 jars of various sizes filled with old family photos would be a great addition to our guest book table near the entrance of the reception.  Also note that these jars can be dyed if you can't find them in that lovely vintage blue color, which tends to make them more rare and therefore more expensive.  Check out Bridal Buzz's DIY instructions to see just how easy this transformation can be!

{Courtesy of Style Me Pretty}
{Courtesy of Ruffled}


  1. mary i have 6 or 8 real vintage ones if you want to borrow them?? i found them at a estate sale. :)


  2. merrr, you're adorable!

  3. Oh I love this idea!! Very cute and it'll go so well with your theme!

  4. Hi Mary! I have many you can borrow and I know just where you can get all you need! :) We'll chat soon:)