Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Garters

Something about bridal garters has always turned me off.  Perhaps its because so many of them are incredibly gaudy and I can't help but think of those that are worn around a young single man's sweaty head after catching it from the groom's toss.

Until recently, I've been searching for one with vintage charm and class.  Something simple with a pop of sparkle or perhaps one that would incorporate "something blue".

I then found out that my mom would like to make mine from her wedding dress!  I'm thrilled beyond words and so excited to wear this special accessory on my big day.  Because of it's meaning, my mom has offered to make one to wear throughout the day of the wedding and to have one strictly for the groom's garter toss.  This way I can hold on to it for years to come.

Until I received this special news, I was searching high and low for the perfect garter and stumbled upon a beautiful shop on Etsy called Florrie Mitton Couture.  This UK based designer has created exquisite garters that are timeless in their appeal.  Here are some of my favorites - I highly suggest you check their shop out!

[Photos Courtesy of Florrie Mitton Couture]

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  1. I love how mom is making your garter out of her wedding dress. How sweet. . .something to cherish forever!